Guitars and Basses

Founded by Paul Reed Smith in the 1970's, PRS guitars are known for their versatility and their beautiful aesthetics.  They have become the favorite of players of many styles, ranging from country to metal, and are used by the likes of famous guitarists such as Carlos Santana, Brent Mason, Mark Tremonti of Alter Bridge, and Neal Schon of Journey.


We carry a wide selection of PRS' affordable SE series, as well as their S2 series and some of their core models, like the CE24's pictured here.  We also carry PRS basses and acoustic guitars!

Known for making everything from motorcycles to grand pianos, Yamaha also knows how to make quality guitars for affordable prices.  Whether you're a beginner looking for a first guitar that will last you a long time, or a seasoned guitarist looking for a quality yet low-cost workhorse acoustic, Yamaha guitars are worth checking out.


We typically have several F, FG, and FS series guitars in stock, as well as their FGX and FSX acoustic-electrics and a few of the A series.

Despite having a reputation for only making "beginner" guitars, Squier in fact has stepped up their game over the last few years and started releasing some high-quality instruments - especially their "Classic Vibe" series, which can stand up to much pricier Fenders in terms of quality.


We carry all of the Squier series, ranging from the entry-level Affinity series all the way up through the Vintage Modifieds and the Classic Vibes.  We also carry Squier basses.

Known primarily for making great amps, speakers, and PA systems, Peavey also produces some nice guitars and basses.


We typically have the popular Peavey Grind basses in stock, as well as some other models such as the Milenniums.