The school year is starting and your child wants to be in band class.  No, they don't want to show up to school with your grandma's old clarinet that you used to play in elementary school that has been sitting in the attic for 30 years and is likely crawling with bugs and doesn't work anymore.

         Come in to Mother Lode Music and get your child a clean, working instrument from us.  We offer one of the most competitive rental programs around - its only $25 a month for most instruments and as long as you're renting from us we take care of maintenance.  Did I mention its a rent-to-own program? A portion of each monthly payment goes towards equity in the instrument.  Of course, there are no obligations, so you can return the instrument at any time.  So if you're not sure whether your child will commit to the instrument or not, don't worry, you're covered either way.

Mother Lode Music proudly features an instrument Rent-to-Own program for band instruments.  2/3ds of each monthly payment you make goes towards building equity in the instrument you are renting.  Once the equity has built up to the cash price of the instrument (established in the contract), you own the instrument.  You can also pay off the remaining balance of the instrument at any time for no additional fee.

Price list

 Instrument                                                 Base Monthly payment               Amount towards equity (approx.2/3ds)

Flute                                                                   $25                                                                $17
Piccolo                                                               $30                                                                $20
Clarinet                                                              $25                                                                $17
Trumpet                                                             $25                                                                $17
Trombone                                                          $25                                                               $17
Alto Saxophone                                                $45                                                                $30
Snare Drum Kit                                                 $20

Percussion Bells                                               $25                                                                $17

Oboe                                                                  $40                                                                $27

Violin                                                                  $25                                                                $17



A three month down payment is required in advance and is non-refundable.  All rental rates include sales tax.  Most instruments are used, new ones may be available for a slightly higher monthly payment.  Equity in your instrument is transferrable within the first 90 days for a five dollar fee.  Instruments are rented out on a first-come-first-serve basis.  Billing can be done one of two ways - we can directly charge your credit card, or we can mail an invoice to you each month so that you can pay by check or cash.

Each instrument can be rented with fire/theft insurance for an additional $4 per month.  In the event for a fire or theft, if you have this insurance you can provide a copy of the police report to Mother Lode Music and you will not be responsible for the cash price of the instrument.

For an additional $1 per month we will provide you with a music stand to make practicing easier.

Maintenance on your instrument is complimentary during the rental period, not including intentional damage or misuse of the instrument.  In some cases, loaner instruments may be available during the period which your instrument is being repaired.

All additional details are stated in the rent-to-own contract which must be signed in order to rent an instrument.  Feel free to call the store if you have any questions.