May 29, 2017

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Happy Mother's Day! Meet the Family!

May 14, 2017

It's Mother's Day tomorrow which means as a MOTHER I get to do what I want and write about what I want. Because that's what Mothers Day is allll about right?  So I decided to write about what I care most for in this world.  Netflix and facebook..... I husband and children.  Sorry, it's been a long day. Let me see if I can paint our life this way for you.


 If you walk into our little store you might notice the array of guitars waiting to be lovingly played. Or you might go over to the huge box of sheet music waiting for fingers to turn their pages.  You might see the store in general and think of possibility of expression and an expansion of knowledge into a imaginative and yet objective world.  When I walk through the doors I see my family's living.  I see my children's daddy. I see merchandise that he carefully selected and displayed with consideration.  We are a little store and much of why we are is for our family. Much of what we are is influenced by our family.  It's why we are there. So let me take a minute to introduce you to the family, of which I am the mother.



Our CEO, marketing, regional sales manager, repair man, instructor,
accounts payable, accounts receivable, purchasing and clerk actually has a
bigger job. He's the dad. And he does his job very well. He works to
provide for his little people and wife. And he feels fortunate to have a
profession that he loves and can call his own. Lance is a self taught musician
who got the music bug in highschool and played every spare minute he
could.  Anyone who has heard him knows, he is more than a little good at
guitar and knowledgeable in his field.  His favorite part of owning Mother
Lode Music is being an answers guy. He enjoys being able to use his
expertise to help solve music problems in our community.  He's been doing
an amazing amount of repair work. I personally believe his background in electronics assembly and music as well as a hobby wood worker makes him uniquely gifted at instrument repair.







Next we have our instrument tester. That would be our first born Thomas. He is 5 years old and is only shy if he thinks he's going to be "too loud." It should be noted that to him, "too loud" is kind of a grey area.  He loves playing the drums, guitars, the drums, and cars.... and the drums. He's an amazingly sweet and patient little guy who clearly does not take after my side of the family.  And he is almost his dad's biggest fan. But that title might go to the next little face.
















Lucy. Presumably "daddy's biggest fan".  It's hard to compete with her for that title because she's pretty determined to own it.  Her favorite part of
the music store is seeing daddy. And being thrown in the air by daddy. And
being chased by daddy. "Daddy being tired" is not a valid excuse for Lucy.
After all, do super hero's really ever get tired? Lucy thinks not.







 The next kidlet (and final in case you were getting nervous) is Nicholas.
His official job in the company would probably be best described not so much as "quality control" but as "durability tester." Needless to say, we watch him closely. Very closely.  He's mischievous. He's dramatic. He's not even close to turning 2. And he makes mommy and daddy die laughing while simultaneously want a nap.  Give it up for Nicholas "Booty butt" Harmon.  




 And the only one left is me. I'm the mom. (the one on the left) I do some filing and book work for our little company.  Sometimes I clean a little. My favorite part of the business is going on "business meetings" where we dream up new ideas for the store with my business partner. Especially when the kids aren't there and we go out to eat at the same time. Some might call it a date, but dates aren't written off on taxes. So it's a business meeting capisce?  Sometimes it's great having your husband be your business partner:)  My life is of course mostly wrapped around raising the kidlets and being a wife. But in my spare time I'm trying desperately to learn the cello and I LOVE to sing and play with my camera.

So there you have us. The Mother Lode Music family.  The faces behind the store. It probably doesn't get more "mom and pop" than this. 



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